Guying out the TIPITENT® is required ensuring stability in wind, snow and extreme conditions. To guy out your TIPITENT® run the guy-rope from the stay-mount triangle loop (ensure adequate knot) to the tent peg. Pass loop around tent peg and tighten up tensioner toward TIPITENT®. In extreme weather conditions, use one tent peg per guy-line. All guy-lines must be used with a woodstove or small cooking fire.

Top Hat / Woodstove


The Top Hat can be used at all times, or only when the weather turns ugly. you can light a small cookfire inside the TIPITENT® with the Top Hat on as it has an opening on one side. The Top Hat should always be positioned with the opening down-wind to obtain the best possible air-flow (draft) through the TIPITENT®.

When using a woodstove inside the TIPITENT® always ensure that a heatshield (bi-vent) goes around the stovepipe where it touches the main TIPITENT® fabric. (This is to ensure that the stovepipe won’t melt or damage the TIPITENT®.)

Temperatures inside the TIPITENT® will vary with the outside temperatures. This also reflects the size of woodstove that you select to use. A large woodstove should be used for severe cold weather conditions and a smaller woodstove for those warmer days. If the woodstove is too large you will get cooked out of the TIPITENT® in even 20 below.

Waterproof Coating

By informal testing, the waterproofness of a fabric coating is measured using the fabric to seat the bottom of a vertical pipe. Gradually fill the pipe up with water until leaks begin to show and you have the “height of water column” – the highest depth of water the fabric can hold back. A coating which shows no leaks after one minute under 1000mm of water is a “1000mm coating”.

From actual field performance we find 600mm for flysheets and 1000mm for floors are the absolute minimum requirements for actual waterproofness. Higher “mm” figures than these build greater margins for wear and tear into the fabrics. Alpine Outfitters TIPITENT’s have an extraordinary 3000mm waterproofness.

Detachable Floor


Many TIPITENT® users welcome the detachable floor as you do not need to use it for all trips saving extra weight and bulk. It is more convenient setting the TIPITENT® up on uneven terrain or in the snow.

For backpacker trips you can split up carrying the floor and tent pole between packs. Their are many uses without the floor advantageous to your situation.

Air Vent


Rain/freeze Cover


Personal Mosquito Tent