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Are you looking for a cone-shaped tent for camping in extreme conditions? If yes, Alpine Outfitters TIPITENT’s are designed for the toughest hunting, fishing and camping needs. They are proven to stay in shape and perfectly accommodate horseback hunts, fly-in trips, ice fishing and much more. They are designed and manufactured with utmost precision using lightweight materials that tend to make them last for more than a decade.

With TIPITENT®, you can experience a hassle-free tenting with an ease of setup, huge floor volume, stand up height and ability to have an open cooking fire or wood stove inside. If you want to buy any of our tents in Canada or US, simply place an online order or call us we are located in Heffley Creek, BC, Canada.

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Camo Hunter TIPITENT®

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Camo Hunter II TIPITENT®

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What Makes TIPITENT's Last Longer?



These tents are highly durable and made from high quality material that withstands even harsh weather conditions.



TIPITENT’s are cone-shaped tents which are made from lightweight material and are easy to carry on the mountain treks.


Waterproof to 3000mm

Since camping is done in extreme places and conditions, TIPITENT’s are completely splash-free and waterproof to 3000mm.

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