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  Camping tent 

Have a cooking fire or woodstove inside!

Mountain Teepee tent

Mountain Teepee tent


Outfitter Teepee tent

Camo Hunter Teepee tent

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Now All Outdoor Enthusiasts Can Stay Warm And Dry Camping!


Alpine Outfitter's TIPITENTs are designed for the toughest hunting, fishing and camping conditions. They are proven in extreme conditions on horseback hunts, fly-in trips, ice fishing and much more for more than a decade.


Alpine Outfitter's give you the opportunities that you never thought existed in a lightweight camping tent such as ease of setup, huge floor volume, stand up height and the ability to have an open cooking fire or woodstove inside. 


We have three different sizes to accommodate various uses. The floorless design allows you to pitch it on any terrain from rocky areas to snow pits. Need a floor? Don't worry we also carry detachable floors that easily attaches to inside buckles. Other accessories include; personal mosquito  tent and mosquito screen doors/ top hat. 


The TIPITENT's modular system allows you to choose which components are needed for each trip. In addition all of the components come in separate sturdy stuff sacks so it is easy to distribute or share the weight.


The whole camping experience improves with the TIPITENT® especially the cozy atmosphere around the fire and the enjoyment of cooking meals inside. This design is gaining popularity with all user groups. A great family camping tent compared to a cabin tent or a wall tent. The ultimate camping tent year round especially when the weather turns unfavorable.


With ease of set-up, lots of room for camping gear and the incredible convenience that the TIPITENT® offers, it should be your natural choice making your backcountry camping adventures a true home away from home.


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Tents For All Your Outdoor Camping Activities!


Mountain TIPITENT®


Outfitter Teepee tent


12 FT Diameter


sleeps 4-6 / 

2-3 comfy on ground w/gear.


weighs 20 pounds.

Camo Hunter TIPITENT®


Camo HunterTeepee tent


14 FT Diameter


sleeps 6-8 / can fit 2 cots 

w/ gear and woodstove comfortably.2


weighs 25 pounds.8

Outfitter TIPITENT®


Outfitter Teepee tent


16 FT Diameter


sleeps 10-12 / can fit 4 cots 

w/ gear and woodstove comfortably.2


weighs 30  pounds.8






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